SOMEMA Team Strengthens Bonds in Memorable Team Building Day

29 September 2023, Marinha Grande, Portugal Last Friday, 29 September, SOMEMA held a team building event with all the group’s companies, full of energy and camaraderie that left the employees excited and ready to face new challenges. The day’s activities were varied and designed to strengthen the bonds between team members. The highlight of the day was the “Drawing Without Taking the Pen Out of the Paper” activity, where participants had to demonstrate the confidence to create incredible drawings without lifting the pens from the paper, a more challenging task than it sounds. After the first activity, the employees enjoyed lunch together, sharing experiences and strengthening bonds outside the workplace. The lunch provided a valuable opportunity for interaction and building deeper personal relationships. After lunch, another exciting challenge involved making paper aeroplanes. The participants split into teams and demonstrated their creativity and ingenuity in building unique models. The aeroplane flying competition provided moments of pure fun and healthy competition. The skill and precision of each aeroplane reflected the dedication of the SOMEMA team.SOMEMA’s team building event is an example of how companies value the importance of team cohesion and a spirit of collaboration. Employees left the event with a feeling of strengthened unity and renewed motivation to achieve collective success. With initiatives like these, SOMEMA demonstrates its commitment to team development and the creation of a positive and productive working environment.